Leonid Afremov and Debra Hurd Paintings

For a few weeks now I’ve been collecting paintings that I love, and displaying them in an album on Facebook. The pieces above come from that album.  The reason why these pieces appeal to me is without a doubt THE COLOR!. Leonid Afremov and Debra Hurd’s use of color, combined with interesting brushstroke and subject matter makes these paintings worth admiring.  You can easily notice how thick the strokes are in most places, often overlapping each other, creating smooth and raised textures.  The vivid color pallet immediately catches the eyes, yet the complexity and variations in those colors allow you to study it longer.  I find it interesting how many colors are used in Lincoln’s face as well.  The pure inventiveness of the scenes and subjects really brings the viewer into the world of the painter.  I love the activity flowing throughout the paintings, they are some of my favorites.

2 comments on “Leonid Afremov and Debra Hurd Paintings

  1. maryam says:

    amaizing colors !!

  2. seemab iqbal says:

    Ammazing colorssss

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