Painting of Trees


    I couldn’t find the artist or name of this particular piece, but I just have to comment on it.  As far as paintings go, I tend to gravitate towards abstraction, post-impressionism, expressionism, even modernism.  I suppose because I’m a photographer I’m exposed to the real world so much that I naturally become interested in the more unreal world. 

     However, this realistic piece, I found to be quite lovely.  I find the leaves and branches extremely real, natural, and warm.  The piece feels hauntingly familiar, yet unfamiliar.  The sky appears so neutral and so muted, almost like an atmosphere from another planet.  I especially love the simplicity of the subject matter: a few tree’s in a barren field.  The landscape appears as though it goes on forever in the distance, but fades as if it were covered in a blanket of mist.  Overall this painting is both calm and eerie to me, I can’t keep my eyes off of it.  I’m thinking Early American, possibly 1800-1850, but I’m not sure, does anyone have any ideas?


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