Graphic Design Meets Contemporary Painting

        I’ve noticed this trend becoming more and more apparent, either that or it’s been here all along and I’m just figuring it out now, but it seems to me people are taking more commercial art or graphic design elements, style and technique and incorporating it into paintings.  What causes me to deduce this?  Well in looking at the “tombstones” or blue, purple, and red hashes at the bottom and around the trunk, as well as the circle patterns, it just feel like it could have been designed on a computer, then painted.  It just gives me that impression or feeling because it’s so simple and repetitive..  I’m totally ok with this.  I think it’s great to mix different media ideas, especially in this case because it works.  Given, the circles are quite obviously imperfect (unlike circles created on a computer) but they contain this quality that I can only describe as “Graphic Designer.” 

      What I like about this piece is its color pallet and composition.  The colors used are almost tropical and acidic, but they are mixed in with some neutral and natural tones which helps create some visual balance. It’s like eating a lemon with a lot of sugar, you know, to tone down the intensity.  I also like how the tree is way off to the left of the frame, it gives more focus to the bubbles or circles it’s emitting.  I just think this is an interesting, fun piece; something I’d like to emulate in my paintings.  I’m almost obsessed with drawing and painting circles and circles  and circles within circles.  This sort of demonstrates what I’ve been trying to achieve in some of my work.

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