Wine Labels

I’ve always loved the look of wine labels and for a while I actually wanted to go into label design.  There’s just something about the visual space, the classy, mature subject, and the room for creativity and play on words.  Some of these are incredibly unique and clever.  I’m more of an image person so I kind of gravitate towards the bottles with little or no text, however the typography on these are quiet interesting.  My favorite bottles feature the lizard, fish, and duck on the front.  They have simple, symbolic icons that are very easy to recognize and remember, always good for attracting attention on the shelf. I just can’t believe how much potential label design holds.


Umbrella Installations



 Umbrella’s have been used around the world to create unique and spectacular installation pieces.   I’ve read some information on a few of these installations, especially the one of the yellow umbrella’s in California.  It’s kind of interesting how they testes those umbrellas in a wind tunnel at 60 mph, yet a 40 mph wind gust picked one up and slammed it into a person against a giant boulder, resulting in death.  Even with that being said, I think it’s one of the coolest installations I’ve seen yet.  The sheer quantity of umbrellas covering such a vast open area begs us to commend the effort put into that piece. 

My favorite installation has to be of the red umbrella hanging from the ceiling in the first images.  The overall color, lighting and arrangement of that image just draws me in.  I absolutely love it.



Cool Bridges From Around The World

Because of snowy conditions I was confined to the indoors this afternoon.  So naturally I googled bridges around the world. lol  I saw a program on MPTV about a bridge in Norway that stretched a great distance over the sea with curvy, banked roads.  For some reason i decided to look it up, got sidetracked, and stumbled on these.  Some of them are quite interesting to say the least.  I think the sky bridge is my favorite.

Michael J Lang

Found a cool artist blog, does studies of still life fruits.  Very interesting texture and colors, looks like he’s mostly using a knife.  Really like his work, check out his blog.

Cyanotype Prints


Well today I took Tim’s advice and exposed my cyanotype images to the sunlight from outside my house.  I actually talked to my mom before I went into work and she was nice enough to set the frame outside for a half an hour.  I turned up the contrast a bit on these photos, in reality they are slightly more subtle, but I can clearly make out the images, including several details.  I actually made the mistake of positioning the photos backwards on the paper so they are inverted.  I could have sworn I laid them down emulsion to emulsion…  I think for the first run these turned out alright.  In the future I might put on a second coat of light-sensitive material, and maybe leave them in the sun 10 minutes longer.  I do love the vintage look, but I think I’d prefer the brown tones of the Van Dyke Brown prints.  There just something about that coloring that makes images feel rustic, archaic, and warm.  Something I’d definitely like to pursue in the near future.

I wonder how this would work in a pinhole camera.  Would the image still appear as a negative or a positive?



So I’m basically on a staircase tangent and this is what I found.  Some of these are wicked awesome because they have slides attached!  Always a dream of mine, I don’t care how old I am I wasn’t a friggin slide in my house.  I also really like the contemporary and modern designs, those are extremely elegant and classy.  Also, that stairway outside the skyscraper is pretty unique, really want to go there for some reason.

Patrick Cornee

Patrick Cornee is an extremely interesting French painter.  His contemporary works are impressionistic, abstract, semi-abstract.  His subjects include figure, still life, and landscape.  Cornee feels that his works are quite lyrical and poetic, almost arranged in a symphony of color and form, and I would completely agree.  Everything in his paintings are working in a  whimsical in harmony

I love this kind of work, it just defines contemporary French painting.  I absolutely love his creative invented figures, especially the women.  They are almost a sort of abstraction of the idealized French petite women.  My favorite piece is the cow, or steer, I don’t really know the difference.