School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Boy, I wish I went to school here, the only thing missing in this photo is the Toyota Prius driving up the grass.  This is one of the coolest concept of state-of the art eco-building.  I just can’t believe this is actually a school.  Well where do I start?

Design: This “Alice in Wonderland” grass roof feels whimsical, natural, and organic. It just begs to be walked on.  I think the bends and curves in the roof improve and play off the natural and organic concept, creating a fertile flow of green.  The quality of the grass is something to note also.  It’s extremely bright green and quite healthy, like it’s well taken care off, which is important if you want to pull this off, it has to look like one smooth and clean green carpet.  I also like the glass windows hidden behind the “hills;” they reflect the green light, producing a dark-green quality in the glass.  The tones of green in the landscape and the curves in the road and roof  are all cohesive and it produces a beautiful environment.

Concept.  I think their is somethign to not about a green roof.  Not only is it great to have green space for producing more oxygen in the city, but it’s very smart in regards to aiding in the heating and cooling efficiency of the building itself.  I also believe the curves and inclines in the roof help by directing rainfall out and away from the building itself in storms.


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