Everyday: Carly Comando

Some of you may know this piece from the famous YouTube video: “Noah takes a picture”, in which Noah photographs himself every day for 6 years, compiles the photos and lays this audio track on it.  The video is quite amazing, if you havent seen it, please do.  It’s extremely interesting, I’m still kind of amazed the guy managed to position his face in front of the camera so consistently throughout the piece.  It’s also kind of sad watching the bags develop under his eyes over the years.

Anywho, I just wanted to throw this piano piece out there because it is AMAZING.  It’s by far my favorite composition or “song,” and it means so much to me.  It feels so quiet and subtle, yet at the same time passionate, intelligent, and intense.  I’ve tried to play it myself, but lack of a lab top has made it difficult for me to look at tutorials, and I just can’t seem to match the tones by ear. Oh well.  Great piece none the less.

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