Side Project: View Camera

The two photos seen here are from an adventure I took with the view camera down at the Milwaukee Marina back 2 springs ago.  it was very difficult, but extremely worth it.  I waited 30 minutes after set up for the shot of the sail boat being lifted out of the marina.  The funny thing is, the person on the right moved just at the last second, almost cutting them out of the shot completely. 

Due to students getting to know the 4×5 camera in photo 2, I’ve become inspired.  For one, I finally began scanning my 4×5 negatives from God knows when.  I always thought I’d make prints out of these, but due to time and financial constraints, digital copies will have to suit me for now.  Second, I’ve also explored an idea, an idea which I had after I went to the theatre district in Milwaukee a few nights ago.  I MUST take the view camera downtown and photograph the arches under the city hall building at night. 

This is extremely difficult for several reasons:

Parking is horrible and expensive, so I’m going to have to pay 6 bucks and lug this camera a block down the street. 

Second, It’s going to be near impossible to photograph something so dim at night.  My best guess for troubleshooting this is to have someone stand where I’m focusing, shine a giant flashlight on the building or themselves, making something visible enough for me to be able to focus.

Third, the timing will be challenging.  A night shot with this camera could yield a 20 second to 30 second exposure, making it difficult to count off beyond the standard timer that is on the camera.  I will have to set it to manual, do a test with my digital camera, find out the exposure time, then time the view camera’s exposure on a stop watch.

 Lastly, I havent done this in a while.  I’m not even sure if my film is still good.  I also can’t remember the times and mixers for developing so someone will have to fill me in.  I’m also not sure if there will even be a camera or cartridges available to check out.

Anyway, that’s a project I’d like to complete in the next week, so wish me luck.


2 comments on “Side Project: View Camera

  1. Timothy Abler says:

    Good luck Alex, you should be able to find street parking. You should never pay for parking!
    You may want to try photographing before the light is completely gone from the sky.
    Wait until it gets a bit warmer.

    • Alex Goecks says:

      Well, after careful thought I decided to do city hall in the summer with my digital.

      Tomorrow I was hoping to capture some action in the harbor, but the weather is just getting worse. What ever the conditions i hope to get SOMETHING in the city tomorrow morning.

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