Cyanotype Prints


Well today I took Tim’s advice and exposed my cyanotype images to the sunlight from outside my house.  I actually talked to my mom before I went into work and she was nice enough to set the frame outside for a half an hour.  I turned up the contrast a bit on these photos, in reality they are slightly more subtle, but I can clearly make out the images, including several details.  I actually made the mistake of positioning the photos backwards on the paper so they are inverted.  I could have sworn I laid them down emulsion to emulsion…  I think for the first run these turned out alright.  In the future I might put on a second coat of light-sensitive material, and maybe leave them in the sun 10 minutes longer.  I do love the vintage look, but I think I’d prefer the brown tones of the Van Dyke Brown prints.  There just something about that coloring that makes images feel rustic, archaic, and warm.  Something I’d definitely like to pursue in the near future.

I wonder how this would work in a pinhole camera.  Would the image still appear as a negative or a positive?


One comment on “Cyanotype Prints

  1. Timothy Abler says:

    It would appear as a negative. But it would require a very long time exposure if using a pinhole camera.

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