Umbrella Installations



 Umbrella’s have been used around the world to create unique and spectacular installation pieces.   I’ve read some information on a few of these installations, especially the one of the yellow umbrella’s in California.  It’s kind of interesting how they testes those umbrellas in a wind tunnel at 60 mph, yet a 40 mph wind gust picked one up and slammed it into a person against a giant boulder, resulting in death.  Even with that being said, I think it’s one of the coolest installations I’ve seen yet.  The sheer quantity of umbrellas covering such a vast open area begs us to commend the effort put into that piece. 

My favorite installation has to be of the red umbrella hanging from the ceiling in the first images.  The overall color, lighting and arrangement of that image just draws me in.  I absolutely love it.




One comment on “Umbrella Installations

  1. Cleopatra Fitzgerald says:

    Umbrellas are like a rainbow.
    When a person believes in their umbrella they seem to see through
    Sun, rain or storm the enchantment of the world that surrounds them.
    Thoughts seem to fly away as umbrellas, luckily up to the infinite

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