Photography 4 Final Portfolio

 My final portfolio for photography 4:

     It is in my opinion that my strongest work this semester as only begun.  I believe that i stumbled upon something bigger than I presumed it would be.  I’ve emulated David Plowden’s rural and small town photographs and came up with some images I feel represent my documentary style and my photographic eye.  These images are not the exact same images used in my current topics emulation, but they do represent some aspect of the project. 

     I’m very proud of the fact that I photographed in Madison as a documentary photographer, and I did come out with some very strong images, however those images were really meant for the open box project, that is why I’m sharing these images.  I wish to continue this style and this work for a while, whenever I have time.  I feel as though it is extremely important to capture and record these little bits and pieces of Wisconsin, because who knows how long they will last.



2 comments on “Photography 4 Final Portfolio

  1. Timothy Abler says:

    Great Alex!
    I am happy to see that you discovered this aspect of your work. It has always been there.

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