David Plowden Emulation (2)

Approaching the 98th Meridian

The composition in the photograph is key.  The view is seeing this church and hill as they are driving towards it, so the angle of the car hasn’t began to change due to the incline.  This cuts most of the sky out of the frame.  One of the most interesting elements to this image is the telephone poll which forms a cross right behind the church, just re-emphisising the subject.  The road to the church is strong, but whats more powerful is the idea of the rod leading to the sky because nothign is viewable beyond the hill.  This gives the image the message that the road is either a path to salvation, heaven, or god.

Strengths: composition, concept.

Church on the Hill, Overlooking Richfield, Wisconsin (2011)

I tried to find a church on a hill, to also give the illusion that nothing exists beyond the hill, but I unfortunately can’t cut down the tree’s in the background.  The sign was a great element in this image because it connects to the geometry of the church steeple.  Instead of being in the middle of nowhere, which this church was, it’s surrounded by trees so the environment and lighting doesn’t convey as strong a message as Plowden’s.

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