David Plowden Emulation (3)

General Mills Elevator, Buffalo, New York (1985)

This image was taken up close, at a lower angle, in mid-afternoon light.  The is little if any shadow, and the subject dominates the frame, cut off at both side, and just barely within the top line of the photograph.  This image represents an industry, a way of life for many in this country.  For most farmer, this industry dominated  the rural towns and cities, it is icon and a symbol of taking whats grown and harvested and transporting it to larger cities.  Many people in the rural community know and gre up around these grain elevators and for them it’s just apart of their day to day life.

Strengths: lighting, angle/, and composition.

Grain Elevator, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, (2011)

This grain elevator was much more modern than Plowden’s, it is also smaller in comparison.  The texture of the structure is different, which gives the image a more industrial feel, but the subject matter, lighting, framing and angle are very similar.

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