David Plowden Emulation (4)

Grain Elevator North Topeka Kansa, 1968

In this image we notice the grain elevators are cut off, the photograph was taken more at an eye level.  This is an interesting was to compose an image because it’s straight on and level, in the style of  pure documentary form, and it eludes to the fact that these structure just dwarf the buildings and telephone pole.  The buildings create an interesting layer affect, and they play off the sunlight giving the photograph even more depth.; some strutctures are in sun, other in shadow.

Strength: Depth, Composition.

Grain Elevator, and Shadow Inside, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (2011)

In retrospect I should have framed this image to cut more of the top portion of the structure off, just to give it the same look and feel.  Because the grain elevators differ so much from Plowden’s it’s hard to read this image as a grain elevator.  The dark shadowy figure inside brings an element of ominous activity.  However different this image is from Plowden’s, the subject and angle is the same.


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