David Plowden Emulation (5)

Grain Elevators, Aurelia, Iowa (1986)

The image again explores the theme of perspective and converging and diverging line.  The photograph was taken at eye level, in the shade, probably in the late afternoon.  The image contains railroad tracks, a small station, and grain elevators.  The gravel at the bottom of the frame gives the image a nice visual weight to compensate for how large the structures are.  It feels like this image is all about the shake, it’s off-center, but it’s the only object that is not cut off in the frame.

Strength: Balance

Behind the Elevators, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (2011)

I feel that the light was a little too intense that the Plowden image, and that also caused the contrast to increase as well.  Unfortunately everything is cut off in this frame, but my focus was also off center, all the lines aim to the logo on the truck.  In most of Plowden’s work, he is shooting either eye level and straight on form the subject, or he uses perspective and brings multiple angles into the images he creates.  I used his perspective technique to emulate his documenatry-like image seen above.  So this image really only relates to the general style of Plowden, but it matches the position of the camera relative to the structure, angle of light,  and angle of camera


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