David Plowden Emulation (7)

Van’s Clothing, Victor, Iowa (1986)

This image has a sense of peculiarity and quirkiness.  The hanging gloves look like little hands patting the window.  the door and building are set back from the sidewalk at a slight angle and the windows are very dark.  Some reflection gives the viewer some information about what type of store it is, but it’s still ambiguous.  The gloves are photographed off center at eye level and the lighting is very even.  Both lines at the bottom of the side windows lead up to the gloves, so the eye is naturally drawn to it.  I think Plowden photographed this because it’s so quirky and unique, something you might not find in larger cities, especially if it’s a clothing store and this is how they display gloves.

Strength: captured a humorous moment.

The Chocolate Factory Stoop, Cedarburg, Wisconsin (2011)

The door is photographed at an angle instead of almost straight on, but the subject and focus is on a newspaper at the door step.  Though it is not quirky or humorous, I believe this type of thing  will disappear, because even now I’ve noticed papers being delivered less and less on people’s stoop, let a lone a business’s stoop.  The light is fairly even like the image above, and the doors are also cut off because of the camera angle.


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