David Plowden Emulation (8)

Jones County, Iowa 1987

This image shows the dominance of the field and crop over the human element the house and farmstead.  It’s telling of how vast and even desolate the land is.  The land and sky equally balance  each other with the central focus being the house.   this photograph is simple and quiet, and it’s taken at a great distance away from the home.  We see a clear sky with few clouds far on the horizon, and it was probably photographed either late morning or late afternoon because everything is so brightly lit.

Strength: Balance

Farm on Bridge Road Outside of Cedarburg, Wisconsin (20110)

The horizon is in the center of the image so the land and sky are evenly balance. The central focus is on the barn,silo and trees.  I feel this is one of my closest emulations because the environment matches the environment Plowden photographed very well.  All I had to do it match up the composition and format. (5X5)  The lighting is very similar, but not quite as direct and the camera is closer in relation to the farm, but otherwise it’s pretty close.


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