David Plowden Emulations (1)

Fayetteville, West Virginia (1974)

This image is  a window into quiet, small town America.  There are only two or three people, the street is relatively inactive, theres no foot traffic, and no automobiles.  Lines from the buildings and windows move diagonally outward from the dark square window in the lower left corner.  Sunlight direction causes the street to be in full shadow, while the perpendicular street in back is lit.  Signs are cropped or cut off in the frame, just giving the viewer an impression of what they look like, but not the focus.  Strength in this photograph: perspective and depth.

Man and Dog, Cedarburg, Wisconsin (2011)

To emulate this photo, I chose to photograph on the “opposite” side of the street as opposed to photographing in the shadow.  Lines converge down to the lower right of the frame, and signs above are just cropped off


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