Library Lounge Photo Shoots

Library Lounge Photo shoots

Last year I worked under the direction of Wes Shaver and made some promotional images for the Library Lounge and McGillycuddy’s. It was extremely challenging for me because it was my first major projects in a profession setting. Several shoots with strobe systems were required at the two locations. I photographed models, food, and drinks. The most challenging aspect of these projects was time and time management. All of the images were pre-planned thought of by Wes. I wouldn’t know exactly what I was going to be photographing until I showed up with the camera and strobes.

It was extremely difficult to manage my designated time because I had no idea how many different shots were needed and how long it would take to get everything together. I had to cover multiple shots and scenarios over an extremely short period spas you can imagine, it was super fast paced. I would have liked to been able to produce more carefully crafted, better quality images, but it would double the allotting time in order to do so. None the less, there are no excuses in photography. SO, I did my best with the time and resources that I had. I feel the client and the art director was very satisfied with the work. Images were and still are being used on their sites and in printed materials. I believe one image even made it into the onion for McGillycuddy’s.


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