Milwaukee at Night

Milwaukee at Night

Lately I’ve been thinking of doing more long exposures of Milwaukee after sunset. In May I went out and made some great pictures. At first, I intended on shooting the outside of the art museum (mostly). My friend was going to be married at the Art Museum so I wanted to make a few prints as a gift. I ended up liking the other images of the city more.

I think I’ll have another go at it, maybe photograph Brady, Farewell, or somewhere downtown.

If anyone has any other ideas for night photography it would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a few more images from that shoot:


2 comments on “Milwaukee at Night

  1. Sarah Jane says:

    Have you tried the Village of Tosa or that cute little area on Humboldt between North Ave and Water St? There is also a very beautiful cemetery in Wauwatosa off of Bluemound Rd and Hawley Rd that has amazing architecture in it… it’s beautiful at night. I think that would be interesting!

  2. Alex Goecks says:

    Great Ideas! I’ll have to check it out and make more photos

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