Cool Bridges From Around The World

Because of snowy conditions I was confined to the indoors this afternoon.  So naturally I googled bridges around the world. lol  I saw a program on MPTV about a bridge in Norway that stretched a great distance over the sea with curvy, banked roads.  For some reason i decided to look it up, got sidetracked, and stumbled on these.  Some of them are quite interesting to say the least.  I think the sky bridge is my favorite.




So I’m basically on a staircase tangent and this is what I found.  Some of these are wicked awesome because they have slides attached!  Always a dream of mine, I don’t care how old I am I wasn’t a friggin slide in my house.  I also really like the contemporary and modern designs, those are extremely elegant and classy.  Also, that stairway outside the skyscraper is pretty unique, really want to go there for some reason.

My Ideal Bedroom


So I’m on a quest for my ideal bedroom (just for kicks) and I’m finding it extremely difficult.  Most bedroom designs offer pretty interesting themes and concepts, but I’m finding my style and taste is apparently a unique blend.  I’m a very organized and somewhat clean person as far as living space goes, so naturally I gravitate towards straight, clean lines, inorganic form, and neutral lighting.  However, I also need to feel like I’m sleeping in an extremely cozy, warm, and natural surrounding.  Thus I have discovered my bedroom taste is: Casual, Natural, Modern-Contemporary lol.  I have clipped a few examples of rooms I found appealing to me, however none of them fit my personality and style perfectly.

Now this has very elegant diffused lighting, creating a very clean and bright atmosphere, which I like during the day, but at night I’m thinking I want more of a warmer look, which can be achieved with a few minor lighting changes.  This will play off the brown tones in the room to further to enhance the warmth.  I also love the modern, minumil-style decor, almost Japanese.

Here, this is a little more cozy and warm, not a fan of the big comfy chairs, but the wooden ceiling is quite lovely.  It creates a rustic look that goes well with the environment outside the window.

Not a fan of a tropical theme, but the lighting plan is amazing, and the view is even more impressive, just not sure how I like how open the space is, makes me feel a little vulnerable, and it’s important to feel secure when you go to bed.

This is very close to my style, It’s very warm- good lighting, nice brown tones, elevated bed, makes me feel more safe; kind of counter balance to the lack of coziness, but I like the wall pieces, very sheik.

Alright.  This is only in here because I like the space, always wanted an angled ceiling bedroom with a skylight.  Besides that, thing is so boring and plain I might barf.

This is the closest thing to heaven, unfortunately I’d have to move to someplace warm to enjoy it.  This feels extremely rustic, warm, natural and the view is amazing, my only concern is comfort.  Look at the size of that “mattress” pad, Are you kidding me? Need an actual bed in this case.

OK, OK, I know what your thinking, and yes, it’s totally realistic, look there’s even giant glass doors to keep the bedroom dry and cool. lol   Either swim in a freezing pool, or go to sleep in a hot, soaking-wet bed, you’re choice.  Great idea…………..not.

School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Boy, I wish I went to school here, the only thing missing in this photo is the Toyota Prius driving up the grass.  This is one of the coolest concept of state-of the art eco-building.  I just can’t believe this is actually a school.  Well where do I start?

Design: This “Alice in Wonderland” grass roof feels whimsical, natural, and organic. It just begs to be walked on.  I think the bends and curves in the roof improve and play off the natural and organic concept, creating a fertile flow of green.  The quality of the grass is something to note also.  It’s extremely bright green and quite healthy, like it’s well taken care off, which is important if you want to pull this off, it has to look like one smooth and clean green carpet.  I also like the glass windows hidden behind the “hills;” they reflect the green light, producing a dark-green quality in the glass.  The tones of green in the landscape and the curves in the road and roof  are all cohesive and it produces a beautiful environment.

Concept.  I think their is somethign to not about a green roof.  Not only is it great to have green space for producing more oxygen in the city, but it’s very smart in regards to aiding in the heating and cooling efficiency of the building itself.  I also believe the curves and inclines in the roof help by directing rainfall out and away from the building itself in storms.