A river is constant, otherwise: not
A river is quiet here and loud there
Bending and forgiving, yet unforgiving
A river sees no light or darkness
Never judging, only moving
A river is most complex,
And most simple
To be detailed in nature
Or frozen in winter
Swallowed by mountains and idled by man
Yielding simplicity
Creating organized chaos
A river knows nothing: who you are or what you’ve done
A river cannot comprehend person or vessel
Cutting sleek within its feathers
A river does, it doesn’t does not
It lay between sands
Amidst rock and pebble
Winding down to seas of more
A river is not obligated by nature
It only does because it is good
A river breaks, but only for the rock
God’s Rock
Its origin is plausible, its evidence… inevitable
Its demise apparent:
A river dries, river dies


Man is Morose

 A Man is Morose, and marred and mean

He walks in daylight among his shadows

A Man is Moronic, and idle, and dead

He’s wasteful of himself and others

A Man is Masked, defeated, unclean

He’s corrupt, insane, insincere, and false

A Man is Mouthy, drunken and lewd

He speaks in barbarian tongue

A Man is Material, superficial with greed

He desires possessions, he’s jealous of others


Alex Goecks