Ok so I freaking LOVE Izzy soda.  I’ve been buying it more often than usually and it is my favorite soda except, it’s not really soda!  It’s delicious sparkling juice.  Most contain over 70 % real juice, close to 2 servings and it tastes twice as good as soda.  I was surprise how sweet it was since they do not add sugar, it’s the perfect level of sweetness.  Personally my two favorites are grapefruit and clementine, but they all are pretty good. I even used some in a margarita to replace that crappy garbage mix they sell. Check it:

1.5 Measure Good Silver Tequila (1800 is very good, otherwise Patron is the best)
1 Measure Grand Marnier
3 Measures Izzy Grapefruit
1/2 Measure Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice (about 1 small lime)
*Garnish with Lime: trust me that pink and green really look cool
~If you wanna be a hipster serve it in a freaking mason jar duh~

Also, the Lime Izzy will probably taste good too, but I find Lime Margarita’s a little plain.  I’ve also added Ginger Ale and Passion fruit juice to my margarita’s as the base.

For More Izzy Check This Out!: http://www.izze.com/products/